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Acting Demos

"Killing You"

Conflicted Serial killer scene.    

Goth Fight

Fun Fight Scene showing stunt ability and movement.  

"Raw Vegan Not Gross"

When I get invited to spice up a halloween episode of Laura Miller's "Raw Vegan Not Gross", I make sure to bring the heat.  

Produced by: Taste Made

Desacron The Robot

If you Like B style sci fi movies, with pretty good visuals... I played the robot "Desacron" one of the lead non puppet villans in the "The Killer Robots Crash And Burn!"  Check it out for some fun and camp.

Producer: Sam Gaffin


Voice Over Demos

Video Game VO Demo

Haunting, uniquie, and styelized.  This will be the voice of a new character in your video game or animation.

All recording and audio engineering done by Brian Manowitz

Commercial VO Demo

Have a product to sell? Look no further than the new voice of your commercial.  

All recording and audio engineering done by Brian Manowitz

Web Series


Vegan Black Metal Chef

The Vegan Black Metal Chef is a music cooking show.  There is not much talking, I write the soundtrack to all of the episodes and the lyrics to the songs are the recipies and what is going on. 

Together in a dungeon like kitchen, this is enjoyed by millions around the world.

The First Viral Episode

The Pad Thai Heard Around the world. This is what Started It All.

Episode Featuring Michael Windslow Of Police Academy!

See Michael Winslow, Man of 10,000 Voices help make some vegan chickun and waffles while also performing his sound effects.

Music Production


Metal, Industrial, EDM Cinematic, and Ambient Music Production

Music Production examples coming soon.  Conact me for more information.




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